Akgün Group Of Companies

Since 1925....


Being one of the biggest groups in Turkey, the success story of Akgün Group of Companies started with brick production in 1925. Since its establishment, Akgün Group of Companies invested in the industries that use raw materials associated with soil, mainly grew upon in these fields and survived till today.


Constantly growing and developing with its "perfection in every piece" slogan, each company within the body of Akgün Group of Companies is a pioneer that use modern technology in their sector with a high level of design power.


Akgün Group of Companies is a family-owned business that encourages the corporate identity and culture within the employees, experiencing the joy and pride of managing the investments and employments it created.


Today, Akgün Group of Companies has 5000 employees and 17 factories, and exports its goods to 54 countries. Our main export regions are America, Germany, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, neighboring countries, African countries, and Middle East region. Thanks to its prestige and brand image, knowledge and experience on Turkish markets; Akgün Group of Companies grew in its core businesses and became an important power contributing to Turkish economy. Akgün Group of Companies operates in construction materials, automotive, insurance, logistics and oil sectors.


We as Akgün Group of Companies "are proud of our history as industrialists since 1925 and look to the future with confidence."



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