Vision And Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fast, professional, competitive, suitable and applicable solutions to construction sector with new products that will increase quality and profits of our partners, to increase the life standards and to improve the architectural lines of individuals and spaces. The way we choose to provide continuance of productivity and success for the generations to come, is to create and develop R&D and human resources for constant development.

In line with this mission, each of the Group companies are encouraged to use the current high standards and meet the demands of their customers with a wide product range and service quality in their sector.

Our Vision

Our vision, as a pioneer enterprise producing with high quality and standards using modern technologies, is to become a global ceramic manufacturer with our innovative systems and ethical business mentality in all the sectors we serve. To serve as a ceramic manufacturer that offers both quality products and application services with skilled, knowledgeable and experienced teams, sets the market trends in developing and offering solutions, adopts creating value for its partner companies in this way, investigates possible future developments, determines the right developments and implements necessary changes rapidly.

Vision of Akgün Group of Companies can be summarized as "perfection in everything they do".

What lies at the heart of this mentality is a sustainable, long-term business mentality that is based on high quality of its employees and built with expanding goals. With our years of experience and growing targets, we as Akgün Group of Companies, are proud of our history as industrialists since 1925 and look to the future with confidence.

Our Values

It is our code of conduct to comply with superior business ethics and honest working principles. It is our principle to act in good faith and understanding and to always comply with the laws and codes of ethics. In all relationships, the basis is "trust". We are proud of having customers working with us in a partnership manner in important projects and trusting us.

We build a real trust-based relationship with our customers and partners. We believe in long-term, mutual benefit-based relationships with the organizations we work with and with our private customers.

Our base values in our personal and business lives are honesty, sustainability and diversity.

Our Resources

Our resources are our human and quality-based business principles, our sensitivity in trusting and be reliable, our transparency principle and being a self-confident, successful team.

As human starts to become a social being, the will of success always follows. People choose targets for themselves in studying and professional lives. Similarly, in today's intensive competitive conditions, the enterprises have to exist, profit and develop. That's why, never leave anything to chance! The most important capital of enterprises is human resources. Quality of service and products begins with quality of employees.

Successful enterprises create their human resource and workforce structure in a way to ensure living together and developing under the increasing competitive conditions in a common worldwide market. The most important condition of this process is "service and product quality". The first condition to be at the fore of the competitors is to reach "quality" and make it "sustainable". What brings that to businesses is qualified "workforce".

Organizations with a settled corporate culture that make long-term development plans, having honorable employees with self-confidence in business and social life, that can get on with life, and that can communicate with the people around will be the companies and institutions that will succeed in 21st century under all circumstances and experience minimum impact by adverse conditions.

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